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Burnt Burl juniper pedestal

Posted by Tim Hicks on

The piece of juniper we used for this pedestal has a pretty cool story behind it. We live in a very small town of about 60 people, and everyone looks out for each other. One day a couple of our neighbors went out in their jeep to cruise around. They were driving through a old burn were a wildfire went through and they seen a cool piece of wood. It was a old juniper tree that had a big burl on it. They know that we make pedestals and furniture from unique juniper trees. So the hooked the piece up to their wench and brought it home to us. We hadn't worked with a burnt piece of juniper before, but this pedestal was to cool to not give it a chance.

We started by pressure washing the pedestal to get the bark and dirt off. Once we did that we seen that we didn't need to sand the pedestal.

The burn color it has was way to cool to get rid of. It only took us one day to complete this pedestal once we had it pressure washed. We simply just leveled the top and the bottom. sanded the top to a steal wool finish. And made a base for it, that is also sanded to a steal wool finish. We left a rough edge and burnt the base so that it would match well with the pedestal. Then the last thing that needed to be done was to oil it. We oiled it with a clear wood oil.

This pedestal was a lot of fun to put together and the color and character of it is truly one of a kind.


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