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Twisted Juniper Table Lamps

Our Twisted Juniper Table Lamps add Character and Rusticity to Your home

 All of the juniper table lamps we make are a one of a kind. The white wood is sanded to a 220 finish. The lamps are completed with a clear wood oil finish. For our twisted juniper table lamps we 90% of the time use twisted juniper. We love working with the juniper due to how every piece is a one of a kind. The juniper has such a large diversity of shape and sizes that allows us to make all sorts different styles of table lamps.  We will occasionally use burl pine for lamps as well.

  1. All Shades are sold separately

  2. All wiring is completely hidden.

  3. Electrical components are UL approved. Brass 3-Way Sockets and Harps

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