GeneralCustom juniper log lamps

  • All shades are sold separately
  • Electrical components are UL approved. Brass 3-Way Sockets and Harps
  • Tables/Pedestals are available with or without the glass
  • Some items are oversized and will need to be ordered over the phone for exact  shipping costs
  • ALL prices include shipping unless otherwise noted
  • Everything is insured for the full amount plus the amount of shipping
  • We ship UPS, FedEx and USPS


  • Every piece is unique and one-of-a-kind
  • All juniper is harvested locally in Colorado
  • We only harvest dead or dying trees
  • The colors and shape are natural
  • The juniper is cleaned with a pressure washer and then sandblasted
  • All products are finished with a handrubbed oil finish. This not only protects the wood but keeps the colors natural. Using Pledge Orange Oil, pure lemon oil or pure orange oil is all you need to clean and revitalize each piece.


Wood CareNatural Unique Wood Furniture Table

Using a can of compressed air is ideal for getting dust out of cracks and crevices. To clean products , we recommend using a damp cloth. Most furniture polishes will leave a waxy build-up.  If your product starts to look dull, wipe it down with Pledge orange oil. This will condition the wood and clean the wood.

Inventory Orders

  • Order through our secure website
  • Call us with your CC information 970-756-1447
  • Mail your  money order payable to Rocky Mountain Twist, PO Box 41, Maybell, CO 81648


You can get an estimate prior to shipping, but remember that this is only an estimate. We do not know the exact shipping until the item has been crated or packaged, which will give us the true dimensions and weight.

If you have ordered very large items or multiple items and live within a close proximity, we would be happy to deliver the items. If you live further out and would like to meet halfway, we would be happy to do so.

If your item arrived damaged, call the shipping or freight company immediately to file a claim. If the item has been scratched, you will be required to  get an estimate from a wood refinisher in your area, or we can supply an estimate to have the item shipped back to us for repairs. After your claim has been approved the shipping company will give you the go ahead to have the item repaired. DO NOT start on the repair process until the claim has been approved, in some cases they will send a claims investigator out to assess the damage.

If the item is damaged beyond repair, we will work with you on designing a similar piece which will be paid for and shipped at the shipping company's expense.

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