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Home warming gifts December 8, 2022 11:20

These center pieces are a great way to add character and rusticity to your home. The center pieces look great on coffee tables, or dining tables. They are great eye catchers for your guests.

The center pieces are made from twisted juniper limbs. The juniper is leveled, hand sanded. They are completed with clear hand rubbed oil finish. Every piece we make is a one of a kind. 








Custom Juniper Wood Saddle Rack Display Stand with Turquoise Inlay July 19, 2015 14:55

This saddle display stand was custom made for a client. They requested that the saddle support be able to rotate, so we mounted it to the juniper with a lazy susan bearing. Now the saddle will swivel on the juniper.

The pedestal part of the stand is made from twisted juniper, the base and saddle support are made from blue pine. 

We finished this piece with a hand rubbed oil finish which keeps the natural look of the wood. 

If you are interested in a saddle display, please feel free to contact us 970-756-1448 or

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How lucky we are June 26, 2014 13:51

I sit here on these quiet mornings getting ready to go to "work", you can't really call it a job or work because we enjoy what we do and "work" is just a few steps out our door and into the shop. So very lucky to do what we do.

This week we are working on 3 redwood tables and 2 wall mount displays for taxidermy. When every project is completed we take several photographs so that we can share them with all of you.

Since there are only 2 of us that run the entire operation, it does get daunting trying to get everything completed.... with harvesting; pressure washing the wood, creating the projects, marketing, book keeping and all the other things that make up a business, we never run out of things to do. Over the past few months we have created some beautiful tables, pedestals, a lamp and other items.... I will work on getting these photos on here for you to see. Even though there might not be very many updates on this page, there is always something going on here......

Thanks for hanging out with us!

Turquoise Inlay Horse Wall Art Display October 1, 2013 00:00

My 8 year old daughter Scooter, decided she needed to build a table with a redwood top and asked that I help her do some turquoise inlay. She is an avid horse lover, so we decided to go with the horse theme....

I carved out the grooves for the turquoise inlay, she helped me inlay and oil the top. It was very special to share this with her... I would love to hand this on the wall, but she is adamant that is going to be a table top.

I hope to make many more projects such as this:



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