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Curly Redwood Table

Posted by Tim Hicks on

We just recently finished up this beautiful redwood table for a client. It took a lot of thinking an figuring to get this table put together just right. From finding the right base to learning how to inlay with metal copper powder. In the end it all came together just right.

The Redwood:

We love working with curly redwood. Watching the curl slowly poke out as you sand the wood is very exciting. Once we get it to the stage of the oil finish, watching the curls jump out is amazing. The oil helps bring out the natural color of the wood. The curls get a 3D look to them. Curly redwood is just beautiful wood to work with.


The Base:

With this table it was a little tricky to find the right base for it. The customer wanted something simple, but also a one of a kind piece. When we found this base, we knew it was the one for this table.


The Copper Inlay:

the copper inlay was a new one for us. We have always used different kinds of turquoise stone in our wood working. Learning how to use the metal powder was a big learning experience for us. Once we figured out the trick to using it, it came together very nicely. The copper goes with this redwood top very well. It's very noticeable, but at the same time blends in. Its honestly cool stuff to work with.

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